Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans (VARN) believes that all people, regardless of income and immigrant status, must have access to the civil justice system, but recognizes that few are afforded this right. This is particularly true of people living in rural Nevada. Our mission is to provide programs that assist low-income residents of rural northern Nevada access the civil legal system, including women, children and immigrant victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


In support of our mission statement, VARN places strong emphasis on five values: Respect, Education & Learning, Advocacy, Efficiency & Accountability, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Respect. VARN values respect for our clients, our staff, and ourselves. We strive to be compassionate, non-judgmental, and encouraging as we provide legal services to our clients. We will support each other and our clients with empathy and confidentiality.

Education and Learning. VARN values educating ourselves, our clients, and our community about legal issues affecting low-income Nevadans and other vulnerable populations. We support service to our community and value personal and professional growth through education.

Advocacy. VARN values advocacy on behalf of our clients and ourselves. We will diligently, ethically, and zealously pursue for each client, not only a legal resolution to each case, but also a positive change in the client’s life.

Efficiency and Accountability. VARN values efficiency and accountability in our business practice and in our client representation. We strive to represent clients effectively and ethically, and we seek to be held accountable to the highest professional standards.

Pursuit of Happiness. VARN values engaging in meaningful work with our clients. We value quality time with family and friends and making time to enjoy the things we love to do. VARN values hard work and being the best we can for ourselves and for our clients.